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Silly Snippits from Sunny Leedsworth

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Grace Cathedral Park [Mar. 18th, 2011|03:35 am]
Silly Snippits from Sunny Leedsworth
Dangit, I want to go home. I am, though. That's the good news. Everything is vanity - truer words were never spoken. Solomon is my homeboy. Also, and I know that dropping this name is an instant tip in the "look at what I read aren't I just the smartest little gem in the jewelry store" direction, but Kierkegaard is the man. The man. Tonight is the kind of night where instead of feeling like I haven't grown up, I feel more like I'm bad at being an adult. I caught a rat tonight, but got pretty angry when I was asked to kill it. I don't like hurting things. If you ever have questions about how much humanity/morality you really have in you, and how/if the two tie together, grab a rat by the tail (through a cloth) and see what your first instinct is. It's interesting. Anyway, I put it in a box. It's out of the house. It's probably colder but at least I didn't kill it. I'm not really that into animal rights and all that, and I know it's a rat. It just bothered me. Deal.

I'm outta here. I'll miss a few things and people here and there, but for the most part, this is gonna be great.
Turns out I like bowling. It's fun. What.