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[Dec. 12th, 2011|02:25 am]
Silly Snippits from Sunny Leedsworth
Begin obligatory, overdue, vague, and self-absorbed lj post. Here it is.

I've been doing quite a bit and at the same time very little, and I'm not exactly sure how to describe that but I think some people could relate. I'm tempted to write about life events and specifics but I've never really done that, so I don't think I'll start now. I have plans to start an actual blog - I realize that's sort of a diss on lj, but lj knows it has a friend in me, and good friends diss each other. It's healthy. I also write in a real journal sometimes, but it's almost always with the intent that my grandchildren or great-children will find it in a dusty box in an old attic, and so I think the audience determines the content a little bit. I will come right out and say that I'm tired of both food and customers, and could really go the rest of my life with only minimal interaction with either of them, and that would be great. I got a library card, and I'm determined to use it. Media and Books are battling for my soul - sometimes it seems that way. Media has been winning, I gotta turn that around.

I thought I had more but I'm pretty interested in trying to get some sleep tonight, so I think I'll start working on that. Sometimes I wonder if my generation will be the ones who get to watch Capitalism crumble into chaos, not that I want to facilitate that process, but if it means I no longer need to worry about earning a wage then I'll take it.

I'm reading some top-notch young adult fiction - baby steps. It's really great. Goodnight, everybody.